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The Network's activities

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The Network's activities

Members of the European Network of Ombudsmen exchange information about EU law and best practice via seminars and meetings, a regular newsletter, an electronic discussion forum and a daily electronic news service. Visits of the European Ombudsman hosted by the ombudsmen in the Member States have also proved highly effective in developing the Network.

Seminars for national and regional ombudsmen are held in alternate years and organised jointly by the European Ombudsman and a national or regional counterpart. Seminars for National Ombudsmen have taken place in:

  • Dublin (2013)
  • Copenhagen (2011)
  • Paphos (2009)
  • Strasbourg (2007)
  • The Hague (2005)
  • Athens (2003)
  • Brussels (2001)
  • Paris (1999)
  • Strasbourg (1996)

Seminars for Regional Ombudsmen have taken place in:

  • Cardiff (2014)
  • Brussels (2012)
  • Innsbruck (2010)
  • Berlin (2008)
  • London (2006)
  • Valencia (2003)
  • Brussels (2001)
  • Florence (1999)
  • Barcelona (1997)

Liaison officers, who act as the first point of contact at the national level for the Network, also meet every two years in Strasbourg.

The European Ombudsmen — Newsletter serves as a valuable tool for Members of the European Network of Ombudsmen, enabling them to exchange information about EU law and best practice. It is published biannually in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. The Newsletter offers ombudsmen a forum in which they can explain EU law cases they have dealt with, share examples of case-handling practices that might prove useful to other members of the Network, and keep their colleagues informed about changes within their institutions. The Newsletter also serves the broader membership of the European Region of the International Ombudsman Institute (IOI) and contains a section devoted to the activities of the European Region of the IOI.

The European Ombudsman provides an Extranet service to members of the European Network of Ombudsmen, which includes several discussion and document-sharing fora. These have proved very useful for ombudsman offices in the Network, and questions and answers are regularly posted on important EU law issues. The Extranet also contains an electronic news service, Ombudsman Daily News, which is published every working day and contains articles, press releases and announcements from offices throughout the Network. The Extranet's contents also include an up-to-date, authoritative list of national and regional ombudsmen in the Member States of the European Union, the candidate countries for EU membership, and certain other European countries.